Following Spiritual Promptings

I know I’ve promised to post about my testimony on Fast Sundays, but this post has been rattling around in my head and my heart for the past couple weeks […]

Faithfully Failing

I’m once again stealing my mom’s spiritulectual property (yes, I am copyrighting that phrase), but about a year ago she shared an interpretation of a scripture story that I’d never […]

Family Home Evening Resources

I was asked to give a presentation at a Relief Society meeting about Family Home Evening to give some tips and tricks for making it meaningful and easy with young […]

Why I Believe: God

So I figured if I was going to do this series on what I believe, I should probably start with the very most basic of my beliefs – God exists. […]

Adventures in Motherhood

Today was an interesting day and I just thought I needed to share it with you all. ┬áDon’t think that there’s something profound to be had from this post – […]