Brittny – 29 March 2009

Low – Samuel woke up at 7am and didn’t sleep any appreciable amount until 3pm. That made for a VERY long day…

Highs – Eric was finally feeling better! Also, since we didn’t make it to church (being sick all weekend will do that) we watched the BYU channel all day and I got to listen to lots of uplifting messages from different general authorities. Including the Young Women’s broadcast from the night before, it was an inspiring broadcast. I really want to get a new Young Women’s Personal Progress manual now and complete the goals for the new Young Women’s Value – Virtue. Probably though the highlight of the day was having my visiting teacher come over and having Amber Phillips come visit us as well. I’ve been cooped up in the house for a little bit, and I hadn’t realized how starved I was for company. It was SO good to have good friends over to visit with for awhile 🙂

First High & Low

Sorry, I can’t limit it to a single high, so here are my highs for the week in no particular order –

  • Going to church for the first time since Samuel was born (and getting him all dressed up and looking super cute). You start to forget how much you miss being at church if you miss for awhile, it was good to be back.
  • Having Dad come stay with us for a couple days and get to play with Samuel
  • … then seeing the rest of the family this week (thanks Grandma Bonnie for dying so everyone could come!)
  • The Relief Society bringing us dinners for the past week – I never realized what a necessary blessing those meals are until having my own baby. Just feeding a baby takes a lot more time than you would think! I have a hard time finding time to eat or go to the bathroom in a day. At least since someone else was bringing the meals I could easily eat at least once a day!
  • Samuel finally sleeping in a bassinet – I love cuddling with the kid, but it’s nice to be able to do things (like write this blog post) while he sleeps!
  • Eric having the last two weeks off of work to help out at home. Paternity leave ROCKS! I don’t know how I’d have done it without him (although I guess I’m going to find out starting tomorrow 😛 )
  • Taking Samuel to the doctor and being told we’re doing a good job as his parents and that he’s still healthy and looking good!
  • Discovering that Samuel is pretty happy in a carseat
  • Getting to go out and get some new shirts and a bunch of random necessities (and not so necessities) at Target with Mom on Saturday

I’m sure I’ve missed some of my other highs, but that’s a good start on the list 🙂 My only real low for this week has just been being sick on and off again, but fortunately I’m doing better so I can’t even complain too much there!