Brittny – 26 May 2009

Low: I know this sounds uncreative, but I wish Eric was here with Sam and me in New York. We’re definitely looking forward to having him here on Thursday!!

High: Kyle prayed and Sam was excellent on the plane rides! Yay for Kyle’s prayers 🙂 It’s also so awesome being back in NY after 9 years. I’m really liking seeing the Clarks again, especially since I practically lived here when I was growing up. I’m really looking forward to getting to see more friends that I haven’t seen in a long time (and really good friends, obviously, if I can still call them friends after not seeing them for such a long time!). Plus, I get to see the whole family (except Eric 🙁 ) in the morning! I like our family!! This is going to be a great trip 🙂

Brittny – 21 May 2009 & More on Manhood

Before I get into my high and low for today I had to add to what Mom was saying about we Anderson women having wonderful men for husbands. It reminded me of a very special moment during last October conference. Eric’s mission president has challenged us to always go to conference with questions that we are looking for guidance on. He’s told us that if we go into conference with those questions and are prepared to listen we will receive answers. That conference my biggest concern was childbirth. I didn’t know what answer I was hoping to receive during conference, but I went in with that question anyways. My answer came during Elder Holland’s talk about angels. Although it was obviously not said over the pulpit, this idea was spoken very clearly to my mind that Eric was my angel, and that I could get through anything with him. I couldn’t have possibly known then how true that would be. How the blessing I received through Eric, as a worthy priesthood holder, would help get me through the needles. How comforting it would be to have him by my side, even when I was encouraging him to take a nap. How he would lean over the hospital bed to squeeze my hips to help me get through those last contractions, regardless of how much his back would ache afterwards. Eric truly is my angel and I cannot express enough how wonderful he is and how grateful I am for him. What an incredible blessing it is to be married to a wonderful, righteous, caring man who I love more and more every day, even after almost two years of being married to him 🙂

Ok, on to my high and low.

Low: I didn’t really have a low today, it was a pretty good day. My low would have to be from yesterday. Our water was turned off from 9am – 4pm. Once our water was turned back on… our power went out. Not having water was a bummer, but we had ice in the ice maker and I just held off on taking a shower, no big deal. Not having power though was not as easy. Samuel and I sat in our increasingly hot, and increasingly dark apartment for 4.5 hours without power. I hadn’t realized how much I rely on having the internet up as my communication link with the outside world. I had a hard time getting a lot of things done that I would have liked to (apparently when there really is an emergency where we have no internet, I’m toast). Fortunately for the long hours without power I had my cell phone fully charged so I was able to document the whole thing on twitter and keep myself from going nuts 😛 I finally gave up and decided that we’d go to Omniture and hang out with Eric. We hadn’t even rounded the corner to get out of our complex… when I saw the lights go on in our condo. Of course.

High: I don’t think I have any one specific high for today, it was just generally a really good day. Sam and I were able to run several errands that I’d been wanting to get done. There were some small thunderstorms nearby and I got to see some lightning. We went to Enrichment night and learned how to make some yummy food. I was able to schedule my visiting teaching appointments. Eric came back from the gym relatively early so we could have more time with him. We watched a couple of good episodes of Battlestar Galactica (we’re such nerds, but I really do love that show). We got some cute video of Sam. I got to take a shower. Eric made me a really yummy quesadilla. So, yeah, nothing earth shatteringly awesome… but it was a good day 🙂

Brittny – 10 May 2009

Low – I put some clothes in the washing machine last night for us to wear to church today. I was going to put them in the dryer when I woke up to feed Sam in the middle of the night. Great plan, except Sam didn’t wake up in the middle of the night so I ended up wearing a mostly damp undershirt to church today – brrrr!

High – Uhm, did you not just read?!? Sam slept through the night last night! Don’t worry, I’m not counting on this being an every night thing, but that was the best Mother’s Day present ever! Well, at least it’s right there in the running with what Eric bought me – a mobile that doesn’t require cranking (Hooray! My fingers have literally developed callouses from cranking Sam’s current mobile so much!) Thanks Eric!

However, the real high for today was having a wonderful mother. I feel so blessed to have mom as one of my best friends and a great example of living the gospel. I hope that I can emulate her as I raise my own children. Thanks Mom for being a pillar of strength, caring and righteousness in our family! Happy Mother’s Day!

Toilet Troubles!

So…we had an interesting experience this weekend. Our toilet in our bathroom has never been particularly good at doing its job, that is, actually flushing things down the drain.

But if you jiggled the handle just right and/or flushed it a couple times, you usually could get enough pressure to help everything move along. Until last night, that is.

After taking the plunger and other various devices to the commode, we gave in and called the plumber, and this is what he did:

  1. First he tried using his tools to break up any clogs he could find. Since that didn’t work, he said he needed to remove the toilet!
  2. He tried going at it while it sat on our lawn:
  3. But when that didn’t work, he hooked up a hose to our washing machine spigot to try and spray water through the pipes and clear it out:
  4. But alas, it was not to be. The toilet met its fate due to minerals in the hard water (thanks Utah water system!) building up to form a solid rock in the tubes that could not be removed:

So it was a very interesting day, overall! The toilet was replaced the next day, but I had flashbacks of my time in Taiwan and China when I saw the hole in the floor!

Weird Dreams

So, since Samuel’s been born I’ve been having more weird dreams than ever before. Which isn’t to say that I think my dreams have gotten weirder. I think that since I end up getting my sleep in lots of small chunks instead of one continuous sleep I wake up remembering my dreams more often.

Last night I dreamed that I was taking the final exam for American Heritage. Unfortunately since I haven’t been attending American Heritage I didn’t know the answers to any of the questions. Plus, it meant that I hadn’t known what to bring for the final and didn’t know that a portion of it was open book and so I didn’t have my book either. I couldn’t even come up with reasonable guesses for any of the questions. Somehow everyone else was having a similarly difficult time. And a lot of people were cheating. The teacher was really upset that no one had learned anything all semester (and for some reason my American Heritage teacher was Stephen E. Robinson – my New Testament teacher). Suddenly I realized that I didn’t know why I was taking American Heritage this semester anyways… since I aced it the first time I took it. I still couldn’t convince myself to turn in a test that I hadn’t answered any questions on, even though failing the class wouldn’t affect my GPA since I already had an A on my transcript.

So the real question is, why do I still have nightmares about being unprepared for tests TWO YEARS after finishing college?? Will they ever stop?