Brittny – 29 September 2009

High: Eric and I got to go on a date to … the Gym! It was actually pretty fun to finally get to use my membership, and to have a hot gym buddy to go with 😉 Eric did a really great job showing me how to use all the machines and not making me feel dumb that I could only lift a small fraction of the weight he was lifting… or that I couldn’t even bench press the bar. Thanks Eric!

After the gym we went to Five Guys which was another high in and of itself. Yum, good hamburgers. But better still was when Eric told me that In ‘N Out is coming to Orem!! Boo-freaking-yah! (But, don’t worry mom, I would never use the word freaking 😛 ) Five Guys is excellent, but this is real live In ‘N Out!

Low?: I’m not really sure these count as lows but sorta the parts of my day that didn’t quite go according to plan. For the most part they turned out pretty good, but they didn’t quite belong in the highs category. Perhaps though they should go in a different category altogether….

Chicken Smoothies: When Eric and I got to Gold’s Gym we found out that we were supposed to have set an appointment to have them watch Sam in the childcare. Oops! Luckily we were able to set an appointment for a couple hours later. In the meantime we went and made a Costco run. We are now all stocked up, including a little bit of food storage stuff.

When we did leave Sam at the childcare I was a little bit concerned because it was our first time leaving him with someone other than Taylor and Ryan or his grandparents. Not that I didn’t think the child care people could take care of him, but he’s been having some separation anxiety lately and I just wasn’t sure how it was going to play out. We dropped him off at 3:30pm and at 4:25pm (5 minutes before we were supposed to go back and pick him up) I got paged to go to the front desk. I went into the childcare to be confronted with a very sad Sam 🙁 The girl running the childcare said he’d been crying for about 5 minutes and was just looking for whatever would make him happy. Luckily, I was pretty much done with my workout anyways and he was happy to just have Eric and me again. It was sad to see him sad, but I actually feel really good about how well he did!

After we came back from the gym and Five Guys Eric took a shower with Sam and then I got Sam all ready for bed (he was rubbing his eyes and acting sleepy). I put Sam down around 6:00pm and was excited to have a couple of hours to clean up and get some stuff done. I was able to take a bath while I talked to Mom on the phone. Of course, just as I had shampoo in my hair… I heard Sam. He’d only lasted about 45 minutes. So I quickly finished washing myself and hopped out to get Sam. He proceeded to stay awake until 11:30pm. I’m not actually complaining about him staying awake that long, he was really cute as it turns out. He was just quietly playing for most of the time. And he ate a little bit, but mostly he was just pretty chill and cuddly. It was pretty fun. Just not quite what I was planning to do with my evening.

Anyways, that was my day. It was a pretty awesome one. I really love my boys!

Brittny – 18 September 2009

I don’t want to post lows. So I’m not going to, neener neener.

Highs: I listened to a book this week that I really enjoyed. I felt a little bit guilty for spending so much time listening when I probably should have been paying more attention to playing with Sam (which isn’t to say I neglected him, but my attention was probably more split than it could have been). Sometimes I forget just how much I love reading.

However, my big high for today was taking a walk with Eric… around our living room. As dumb as that may sound it was really great to just get to talk with him and spend some time with him (Sam was asleep, but Eric wasn’t feeling too well so he wanted to walk). It’s funny how we always seem to wait until late at night when we need to be asleep before taking the time to just talk to each other, but it’s always time well spent.

Brittny – 13 September 2009

Low: Having two sick boys this weekend. Strangely enough though the older one had a worse time than the little one. You probably wouldn’t have known that Sam was even sick if it weren’t for the fever he was running and the goop coming out of his nose! He was running around and smiling like everything was good in the world still. Cute kid!

High: Sam and I went to Ryan and Taylor’s for dinner tonight and it was yum yum yummy! Eric also let me take a nap this afternoon while he played with Sam. Then Sam ended up taking a 4 hour nap on his chest! Who would have thought that Sam could take a 4 hour nap?

Brittny – 01 September 2009: Ferber Method Day 1

Low: Listening to my baby cry for 4 hours and only being allowed to comfort him about every 10 minutes. Then comforting him… making him happy again… and then leaving him to cry some more. I feel like the worst mother ever 🙁

High-ish: Sam is finally asleep in his Pack ‘n Play and hopefully will stay that way for a few hours. Unfortunately, now that he’s asleep there I feel like I ought to pick him up and hold him and hug him and apologize for letting him cry so much. Yeah, not much of a high, I feel like poop.

Thanks Cody and Kyle and everyone who’s praying for Sam to learn to sleep on his own. I didn’t want to resort to the Ferber method but I can’t get anything done all day because Sam will only sleep on me or Eric or another warm body (and most of the day I’m the only warm body to be had). I truly appreciate all the support from our family in this.