Angry Birds FHE

As I was playing on Pinterest a few months ago I came across an idea for a Family Home Evening lesson using Angry Birds as a way to teach children to control their emotions.  Since I have little children and a smartphone, Angry Birds is obviously something that gets played A LOT in our household and I knew this would be a hit.  I found the lesson on The Home Teacher and her original lesson plan is here.  She has also taken the time to put together some awesome resources, including a follow up post with more birds and lots of printables including posters and workbook pages.  The whole thing is awesome and I was excited to do it for my boys for FHE.

For Christmas this last year my sister-in-law gave us a flannel board and a bunch of flannel board stories for FHE.  Sam now thinks of FHE as a flannel board story time so I knew the lesson would go best if I were to make the Angry Birds into something that would go on our flannel board.  So I took all of the bird images and put them in a single page format so I could print them onto an iron on transfer.  The lesson that night was a little scattered because I was working off of my memory of what I had read in the blog posts.  As part of a project I’m working on right now I decided to write out a concise, easy-to-use FHE outline that had all the main ideas from The Home Teacher’s blog posts as well as an assigned opening and closing song, a shortened link for an idea to make your own version of an Angry Birds game using paint, cans and a dodgeball, and a treat suggestion.  Basically I wanted to make it so you could print out the outline and have an almost zero-prep FHE lesson.

Anyways, I finished that off and decided to share the fruits of my labors here.  I’ve included the outline, the single page formatted visuals and the visuals reversed (for iron-on transfer).  If you aren’t using the lesson on a flannel board or some other small format I really suggest The Home Teacher’s posters as they have a lot more detail and are just plain prettier.  I also highly recommend reading through her blog posts on the lesson as they explain her ideas in a lot more detail (my main goal was to make the lesson plan fit on one page front and back so I had to pare it down a lot).

This has become Sam’s favorite FHE lesson, whenever we pull out the binder he asks us to do the Angry Birds lesson again.  Not just because it’s a fun topic though, he really knows what we have each of the birds representing and names the birds by their lesson names when he’s playing the game too!  I hope you enjoy this as much as we have!

I just want to say thanks again to Keri at The Home Teacher for all the effort she put into putting this lesson together in the first place, and for the permission to share it again here!

2012 Primary Theme Printables

2012 Primary Theme Printables

For those of you who might not know, I’m currently in the primary presidency of our ward.  I’ve been emailing out printables to the parents of our primary children each month that have the theme and scripture for the month that they can print out and hang in their homes.  Our biggest goal as a presidency is to find ways to help the parents in our ward to teach and discuss gospel principles with their children in their homes.  We realized that often the parents don’t even know what we’re talking about each month!  So we made these posters so the monthly theme and scripture can become a focal point of their study and interactions with their children.

The printables aren’t anything really fancy, just a themed seasonal border and the theme and scripture nicely formatted inside.  I went through the other day and finished making printables for the rest of the year so I thought I would post them here in case someone else finds them useful.  I didn’t start making these until April so I’m sorry if you were hoping for posters for the whole year.  If people really want ones for January, February and March I could probably put some together, I just didn’t think it would be worth the effort to do it.  I’m hoping to make new ones for 2013 as soon as the Sharing Time manual gets posted and I’ll put those up as soon as I make them.  Please feel free to share these with anyone who might find these helpful, I always appreciate a link back if you do 🙂