Travelling Media with Kids

Travelling Media with Kids

So I’ve been meaning to write this post for a LONG time but since there are some *amazing* deals on the pieces of our set up today for Prime Day I’m going to write a quick and dirty version now and clean it up later.  Sorry if this isn’t up to my usual standards of writing 🙂

I’ve been asked several times how our family sets up tech in our van when we’re on long trips.  We’ve come up with a pretty awesome solution that keeps the kids very happy for the long trips, without fighting, and without spending a fortune.  

So what we’ve done is purchased Kindle Fire Tablets our kids.  The Kindle Fires are relatively inexpensive (around $50 a piece) particularly when compared with say Apple iPads ($250 – on the low end).  Today you can get them for $29.99 a piece (with special offers) PLUS if you purchase 3 with promo code FIRE3PACK you’ll get an additional $10 off .  It’s SO nice because each child has their own device and doesn’t have to cooperate with anyone else or watch what anyone else is watching.  Everyone wins 🙂  We really like the kids cases that have the handles – they’re cheaper than the ones that Amazon offers, they’re more functional, and I think they protect the kindles better.  We haven’t had any problems with damage to our kindles inside these cases – except when our kids have poured sticky things in the ports (you can only do so much right?).  Here’s a link to one of the cases we’ve liked, but they’re available through a lot of different sellers –  – Update: This is what I get for writing so fast, the case linked before is for the older versions of the kindle fire, this case will actually fit the kindles that I linked to above –

The Fire tablets don’t hold a ton of media on them (although you can upgrade with micro SD cards very easily), but what we’ve done is purchase a portable hard drive that also acts as a wi-fi hotspot within the car – this one by Seagate Media is on sale today for $124.99 and will hold up to 2 Terabytes of movies –!  We’ve put all of our movies on there and all the kids can access whatever movies/TV shows they want – and we don’t have to worry about whether they have *the* show they want already on their device.  It is also great if the boys want to play Minecraft together – they can use the wi-fi to play local games together (they don’t have internet access obviously, but we don’t let them play online anyways).

There isn’t a deal on these headphones today, but I’m just going to add in that we’ve gotten these headphones for our kids and been happy with them – .  They’re comfortable and don’t have pieces on them that are easy to break.  Plus the kids look super adorable with animal headbands 😉  I’m not convinced that the volume goes up as high as they really need to overpower the road noises, but my younger two haven’t complained yet so for now we’ll keep doing what we’re doing 😉

Ok, it’s killing me to publish this post in this state, but since the deals for Prime Day are only good for about 12 more hours I’m going to suck it up and publish it… and immediately start editing 😉  Hopefully someone finds this useful – and saves a lot of money too!