Brittny – 15 May 2010

Low – This is my fourth attempt at writing this post now…

Also, just feeling inadequate to do all the things I ought to be keeping up with – work, cooking, laundry, mothering, blogging, sleeping, dishes, vacuuming, freelance projects, my calling, temple attendance, scripture reading, praying, exercising, grocery shopping, budgeting, dating (but only Eric of course), service, family home evening… not enough hours in the day!

High – I found a decent blogging client for my droid! Granted it’s super annoying to write a full post with my thumbs… but I can! Now I can blog from bed, woot!

Also, I got some super cute pictures of Sam while we were playing outside today – we’ll see if I can add them to this post…

Well after much trial and tribulation I’ve decided to settle for a link to the photo gallery. Maybe next time…


Cute pictures of Sam 🙂

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